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Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Insulation Tape BIT

Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Insulation Tape BIT 2018-05-23T21:56:22+00:00

Project Description

This tape has a high insulation power and is used for installation on the bus bar in switchgears or the exposed outdoor spaces. This tape reduces Phase-Phase and Phase-Earth clearances, and in addition to providing protection against bridging, the tape occupies less space.

For points where it is impossible to place bas bar tubing, this tape is used like the bended part of the bus bar or the mid part of long bus bars. The inner part of this tape has an adhesive layer, which melt and leads to full sealing upon heating.


  • Thick insulation wall
  • Produced from cross-linked polyethylene
  • Fast shrinking feature
  • High insulation resistant coefficient
  • UV resistant
  • Shrinking temperature is 100 °C
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • With sealing adhesive layer
  • Easily remove the tape upon inspection and maintenance


Technical specifications


Maximum length Tubing thickness after full shrinkage (mm) Tubing width (mm) Code No.
5 or 10 meters in spool form 1 25 BIT – 1 – X 1
1 50 BIT – 2 – X 2
1 100 BIT – 3 – X 3
X = Spool length (m)