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Heat Shrinkable Low Voltage Termination and Joint

Heat Shrinkable Medium Voltage Termination

Heat Shrinkable Medium Voltage Joint

Heat Shrinkable High Voltage Termination & Joint

Silicon Plug in Termination

Plug in terminations are designed for transformers and compact or GIS substations and connect ground cables or self-support cables to the related bushing in the panel, transformer or bushing, etc. The main difference between these terminations and shrinkable ones is as follows:

  • AIS cable terminations are connected to the specified place by means of nuts and bolts, which is done through cable lug or clamp. In plug in termination, however, the bushing is connected in male-female form, so it is of paramount importance that the termination matches the bushing at the place of connection. This will reduce the size of termination and the consumed cable.
  • AIS terminations act like a stripped cable and their related surrounding must be protected at the time of energizing. However, plug in terminations are fully insulated, do not need cover, occupy smaller space and create a higher confidence level.
  • Whether to use AIS or plug in termination depends on the place of connection. If bushing exists in the place of connection of the cable termination, the plug in form must be used, and if nuts and bolts are used, AIS termination must be utilized.

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Technical Information For Your Order

ACF (Altitude Correction Factor)

According to IEEE 1312 – 1999 standard, given the deterioration of the insulation quality in higher altitudes (for each 1000 m above sea level, the insulation quality decreases by around 10%), the altitude correction factor must be calculated and considered according to the following diagram.

For instance, in a 2000-m altitude, the altitude correction factor is 0.79 according to this diagram. Therefore, if the used voltage is 36kV, the selected cable termination is as follows by applying the correction factor.

Therefore, the selected cable termination in a 2000-m altitude and 19/33/36 kV voltage must be 26/45/52 kV cable termination.

Table of Cable Shield Types

The following table specifies the cable type in the products supplied by this company:

Code Description Code Description
1 With wired shield graphite 1 Non-armored and without lead
2 Without wired shield graphite 2 Non-armored with single lead
3 With taped shield graphite 3 Non-armored with three leads
4 Without taped shield graphite 4 Armored without lead
5 With graphite and no shied 5 Armored with single lead
6 Without graphite and shield 6 Armored with three leads
For instance: 53 shows use of a certain cable termination or joint for armored single lead cable and cable with taped shield graphite.

You can pick your choice of the following types of cables

Cable for oil-filled medium voltage cable termination and joint
Cable for XLPE medium voltage cable termination and joint
Cable for medium voltage Plug In cable termination
Cable for high voltage cable termination and joint

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