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Three / Single Foil Cable Holding TFS / TFA

Three / Single Foil Cable Holding TFS / TFA 2018-05-23T21:54:04+00:00

Project Description

These foils are for holding the cable in different situations and prevent unnecessary movements or shakes of cable during utilization. If the cable is cut, they prevent any danger or severe movements of the cable. Ina addition, in vertical position, they prevent any damage to the termination b tolerating the cable weight.


Where to use:

These foils are used for installation on cable tray, wall and different types of scaffolding for fixing the cable in vertical and horizontal positions.



  • Suitable for cables with diameter of 10 to 300 cm
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Presented in aluminum and steel forms
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Highly resistant to tension and vertical pressures
  • Can be manufactured in three-part and two-part
  • Can be manufactured and used for three-core or single-core cables or three single-core cables or several three-core and single-core cables
Steel Foil Code Aluminum Foil Code Description
TFS – 211 – X TFA – 211 – X Two-part for one single-core cable
TFS – 231 – X TFA – 231 – X Two-part for three single-core cables
TFS – 213 – X TFA – 213 – X Two-part for one three-core cable
TFS – 311 – X TFA – 311 – X Tree-part for one single-core cable
TFS – 331 – X TFA – 331 – X Three-part for three single-core cables
TFS – 313 – X TFA – 313 – X Three-part for one three-core cable
X = Final diameter of cable (m)